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Rock Climbing in D.C.: Where to Go

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Sportrock Climbing Guides Setting Up a Climb at Great Falls Park, VA
Sportrock Climbing Guides Setting Up a Rock Climb at Great Falls Park, VA

We will start off by saying right off the bat, the Washington D.C. area is not renowned for its outdoor rock climbing. If you are looking to climb in the D.C. metropolitan area there are some world-class rock climbing gym options. With that being said, those looking for an outdoor adventure will be rewarded with some hidden gems!

We’ve listed our five favorite climbing areas near D.C. and some of our favorite routes to go with them. Climbers without cars will have some access issues, but for those with access to a car, there are some fantastic day trip and weekend options. Most people don’t realize that there is actually a wide variety of climbing opportunities right outside the city.

Here are a few of our favorite spots for outdoor climbers living in the Washington D.C. area :


The Capital’s Climbing Spots:

Elizabeth Furnace Rock Climbing

These routes are located in NE Virginia, roughly 1.5 hours from the metropolitan area. The Elizabeth Furnace Recreation Area has a great combination of slabby routes as well as overhanging climbs. The climbing is divided into two main sections; you will find slabby routes at “Buzzard Rock” and overhangs on “Talking Head Wall.” If you decide to take a break from climbing, there are hundreds of miles of hiking in the nearby George Washington Forest.

Most of the classic routes in the area are fairly easy or moderate and range in difficulty from 5.6-5.10. Considering that most of the routes are rated fairly easily in the area, Elizabeth Furnace Rock is a great place for beginners attempting their first outdoor climbs. That being said, there are a few difficult routes in the area (5.10c-5.11), so there is definitely room for more advanced climbers to train as well.

Our favorite climbing is the 5.10b, "Leading Should Feel This Way" at "Talking Head Wall".

The climbs found at Elizabeth Furnace require that climbers are familiar with lead climbing. If you are unfamiliar with lead climbing and would like to learn how to lead belay and lead climb check with your local gym or Sportrock's Learn to Lead Class to find out the options available to you.

Most of the climbing in these areas is bolted sport climbing, with a bit of tad and mixed climbing. A rack of 12 quickdraws and a 60m rope should be all you need for most of the climbs hers!


Great Falls Park

Great Falls Park Virginia offers a variety of rock climbing options for climbers of all skill levels and stunning views of the Potomac. Most of the Great Falls rock climbing is going to be top-rope, but there are some traditional climbing opportunities!

Want to learn how to set up a top-rope anchor to climb at Great Falls Park? check out Sportrock Climbing Guide's L1 Anchors Course!

The park is in Virginia just a short drive from Washington D.C. and overlooks the Potomac River. The rock is primarily made up of metamorphic rocks such as schist and quartzite, which can be quite slick and polished.

Great Falls offers a range of climbs, from easy beginner routes to challenging expert climbs. Some popular climbing areas include the Aid Box, Romeo's Ladder, Seclusion, and Sand Box.

Some of our favorite climbs at Great Falls Park are:

  • Romeo's Ladder (5.7) at the Romeo's Ladder climbing area

  • Lost Arrow (5.10b/c) at Aid Box

  • Snowflake (5.6) at Seclusion


Carderock Maryland is another classic climbing area not too far from Washington D.C. While not quite as scenic as Great Falls, Carderock offers more shade on hot days. It also has a higher density of climbs in a smaller area so it is easier to get more climbing volume in a day!

Carderock is one of the oldest established climbing areas in the country. It is home to the first established 5.9 "Herbie's Horror"!

Old Rag

Located in Shenandoah Virginia, “Old Rag” offers incredible trad climbing and some of the best granite crack climbs you can find in the North East. The approach can be a bit strenuous, so you must be willing to do some hiking/scrambling to get to the base of the routes. For those that are willing to make the approach, you’ll find a diamond in the rough with great single and multi-pitch climbs.

Interested in learning how to trad climb? check out Sportrock Climbing Guide's L4 Intro to Trad Climbing!

Routes range in difficulty from 5.7-5.13a, so there is definitely a little bit of something for everybody. There are only a few routes rated 5.7-5.8, so if there are any very new climbers in your group, you might want to avoid Old Rag and look for something a bit softer.

Some of the best climbs at Old Rag begin with Strawberry Fields, a 5.9+ trad climb located in Reflector Oven. Second, we have Oh My God Dihedral, a 5.10c trad climb located in Middle God's Area Left. Third is Sunset Crack, a 5.11- located in Lower Sunset Wall.

Traditional, or trad, climbing is a form of climbing that requires advanced knowledge of gear and technique. If you are unfamiliar with trad climbing, definitely reach out to local guides to learn more!

Seneca Rocks

Located approximately 3 hours from the D.C. area, Seneca Rocks is possibly the most well-known multi-pitch climbing area near D.C. Most of the rock at Seneca is formed from white Tuscarora quartzite, which has a unique feel similar to sandstone. The Seneca Rocks crag is one of the oldest U.S. climbing areas and has a storied history of being used by U.S. soldiers training for WWII.

Because most of the routes at Seneca are so old, this area has a tendency to “sandbag” climbers. Generally speaking, the routes at Seneca are more difficult than most people are expecting. So if you’re new to climbing, start at the routes rated 5.1-5.2 and slowly work your way up from there. If you consider yourself to be a moderate/advanced climber, consider starting on a more moderate route (don’t be a hero).

Mostly known for its multi-pitch and trad climbs, here are some of the most popular climbs at Seneca Rocks:

  • Gunsight To South Peak, a 2-pitch, 5.4 located in South Peak W Face. If you're looking to experience some major exposure, this route is for you.

  • Pleasant Overhangs, a 3-pitch, 5.7 also located in South Peak W Face, featuring a juggy traverse.

  • Ecstasy a 3-pitch, 5.7 located in South End. This popular route is great for new trad climbers.

Also, you should definitely wear a helmet. Seneca Rocks can get crowded, and rock fall is quite common.


Off to a Great Start…

This gives you a fantastic starting point to explore the climbing in the area. In the five areas we’ve mentioned above, you’ll be able to find a variety of climbing routes ranging from extremely easy/moderate to some of the more difficult climbing available in the North East. Also, if you climb in all five of these areas, you will get to play around on limestone, granite, and Tuscarora quartzite – so you will get a great feel for the variety that is available to climbers living in D.C.

For rock climbers living in D.C. needing a break from gym climbing, we hope that you get outside and experience what the region has to offer. Wear a helmet, practice good climbing etiquette, and enjoy a wonderful sampling of what is available to mountaineers in the North East.

A bit further from D.C, incredible climbs are found at The New River Gorge National Park and Cooper's Rock.

A climber climbs Ecstasy at Cotton Club at the New River Gorge
A climber climbs Ecstasy at Cotton Club at the New River Gorge


Hire a Guide!

Looking for a privately guided trip or a class to learn to climb outside? Hire some help with Sportrock Climbing Guides!


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