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Coming Fall 2023

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The Climbing Gym

Sportrock Rio will be a 47,000 sq ft. climbing gym located on the top two floors of the flagship space at the Rio Lakefront Shopping Center in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The Rio experience will be totally unique. Imagine being able to walk to a dozen food and beverage spots with your friends after a climbing session to grab a drink or a bite to eat!​

Sportrock Rio is slated to open in the Fall of 2023.

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The Climbing

Sportrock Rio will have a total of 35,000 sq ft of climbing. It will be a full-service climbing gym with top rope and lead walls up to 60ft tall, 15-meter speed climbing walls, and 15,000 sq ft. of bouldering.

The terrain will be super unique and varied, including boulders that rise out of a dry padded swimming pool.

Rio will have a number of autobelays to facilitate your midday training session or those mornings when your partner forgot to set their alarm clock!

​Sportrock is committed to the highest level of routesetting, and is one of the few gyms in the country with a full USAC certified crew! Having two Level 5 routesetters, and others certified at 
Levels 1-3, we share a combined 40+ years in routesetting.

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Yoga & Fitness

Sportrock is more than just a climbing gym! Rio will be equipped with a 3000+ sq ft. fitness area, a separate cardio room, and a dedicated yoga & recovery studio, where we will offer free group classes for members.


The fitness area will be packed with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, Rogue Racks, a belt-loaded squat machine, Rogue Donkey, and a few extra surprises! 

Climbing Training

We are committed to providing climbers of all skill levels the tools they need to progress. Sportrock Rio will come decked out with the most modern training tools. For all the board climbers out there, we will have a Tension Board 2!


We also offer one-on-one Private Instruction and group technique classes to help you dive deeper into the sport!

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At its core, Sportrock is a community of people who love climbing. From member appreciation events to free clinics designed to link you with friends and climbing partners, if you are looking for a place to be your authentic self and meet other people doing the same thing, we’ve got you!


We are also passionate about supporting the communities around us. Read about what we have going on and how you can get involved!

Access the Outdoors

One of the most amazing things about our sport is you can take the skills that you have learned in the gym and access the outdoors in a whole new way!


That’s why we started Sportrock Climbing Guides. We want to make it as easy as possible for our members to transition from the gym to climbing outdoors and to feel confident when they do by offering free community climbing days outside, and reduced-price guiding services.

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Youth Programming

From after-school programs, youth teams, date night drop-offs, birthday parties, and summer camps, we are committed to the next generation of climbers!

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We are from here, and we climb here.
Sportrock was born down the street in Chevy Chase!


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