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Sportrock's General Rules

The following rules have been outlined to maximize your experience at Sportrock Climbing Centers. These rules may be amended at any time.  It is your responsibility to follow these rules at all times. Abide by any notices or warnings, follow the instructions of our staff and instructors, and alert your fellow climbers to possible dangers or unsafe practices.


Failure to follow any of the rules below can result in restrictions on climbing and belaying privileges at Sportrock.  Sportrock staff may remove anyone from the gym who fails to follow these rules.



  1. Sportrock is private property—any willful refusal to follow Sportrock Rules, Policies, Staff Instruction or directive, or Safety Standards will result in removal from Sportrock.

  2. All Sportrock members and guests, whether spectating or participating, must check in at each visit and fill out a Participant Agreement or have one on file. 

  3. Sportrock guests and members assume all risk while bouldering, top-roping, lead climbing, using autobelays, Sportrock fitness or recovery equipment, and participating in any Sportrock class or program.

  4. No one is permitted to belay, tie in, mock-lead, lead climb, or use the autobelays until they pass the appropriate Sportrock belay tests. Belay cards must be worn and clearly visible at all times while belaying, climbing roped walls, and using auto-belays.

  5. Children under 13 years old must be accompanied and directly supervised by an adult at all times, in all areas of the gym. 

  6. Minimum age to belay is 13 years old unless participating in a Sportrock program. 

  7. Sportrock staff have the right to revoke climbing privileges either temporarily or permanently for unsafe or inappropriate behavior.

  8. Consumption of alcohol and/or controlled substances is not permitted at Sportrock. Anyone suspected of being under the influence will be asked to leave immediately.

  9. Intimidating, harsh, or violent language and/or actions taken towards Sportrock members, guests and staff will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from Sportrock.

  10. All persons carrying a weapon, including with a license, are asked to keep their weapon locked up while at Sportrock.

  11. Animals, including pets, are not allowed in any Sportrock facility.  Service Animals are always welcome.  Support Animals may be permitted, provided they are well trained and behaved while at Sportrock.  Please ask a staff member if you have any questions.

  12. Headphones, cell phones, MP3 players, and other electronic devices are not allowed when top-roping, leading, belaying, or using autobelays.

  13. Sportrock instructors are the only people allowed to teach belaying, knot craft, lead climbing, and all other technical aspects of climbing.

  14. When participating in a Sportrock class or program, climbers should remain with their instructor(s) at all times.

  15. Videotaping of any classes or instruction is prohibited without express written permission from Sportrock management.

  16. Only commercially manufactured climbing equipment in good condition is permitted.

  17. Climbing harnesses must have independent leg and waist loops, a belay loop, and are subject to inspection and approval by Sportrock staff.

  18. Tube-style devices and assisted-braking devices are the only belay devices allowed at Sportrock.  Please ask staff for assistance if you have questions about any belay device or technique.

  19. Belayers must attach their belay device carabiner to their belay loop ONLY, using a locking carabiner.

  20. Belayers must stand while belaying, unless expressly permitted by staff for medical or other reasons.

  21. Belayers must lower climbers with both hands below tube-style devices.

  22. Belayers using an assisted braking device must always maintain their brake hand while belaying just as with tube-style devices.

  23. Never take your designated brake hand off the rope no matter what belay device you are using—your designated brake hand must be supported in the brake position by the guide hand while “sliding.”

  24. Do not stand far back or off to the side of your anchor or rope-line while belaying.

  25. Ground anchors are for backup only and must be attached with a separate carabiner to the bottom of your belay loop only.  Do not belay directly off ground anchors.

  26. If there is a significant weight difference between you and your climbing partner when lead climbing, ground anchors may be used with caution as in top-roping—do so with caution and ask a Sportrock staff for assistance.

  27. Be aware of your surroundings. Do not lead below another climber. Do not lead where there are a high number of top-ropers that can swing into you or vice-versa.

  28. When lead climbing, no back clipping, z-clipping, or allowing the rope to run behind the climbers leg or body. Do not under any circumstances skip clips.

  29. Please bring your own rope for lead climbing.  Sportrock has a limited number of ropes available in case you forgot yours on this visit.  Both climber and belayer must present their lead cards at the front desk to check out a lead rope.

  30. Mock leading is only allowed by those who have already passed the Sportrock lead test or are enrolled in an active lead class.

  31. A Figure-8 knot with a minimum of 6” of tail is the only acceptable tie-in knot

  32. Always perform safety checks before climbing.  Check and recheck yourself and your partner’s knots, harnesses, and equipment.

  33. Always use clear climbing commands.

  34. Do not climb directly below other climbers.

  35. Do not top-rope directly below a lead climber.

  36. Do not hold or step on bolts, bolt hangers, or quickdraws.

  37. Do not intentionally distract climbers or belayers.

  38. Watch out for falling climbers and stand clear of fall zones and swing zones.

  39. No climbing without shoes.

  40. No free soloing.

  41. No running in the gym.

  42. No food or drink on the padding.

  43. No climbing shoes may be worn into restrooms or locker rooms.

  44. Shirts are required when visiting Sportrock; shirts, tank tops, and sports bras are acceptable coverings.

  45. Do not climb on top of bouldering walls. No one is allowed above the top of the bouldering walls with the exception of designated top out boulders

  46. Keep bouldering fall zones clear of people and possessions at all times.

  47. No bouldering or traversing above the 1st bolt line in the route areas.

  48. Horseplay or improper use of any Sportrock weight or exercise equipment, hang boards, campus boards, pull-up bars, or other fitness equipment, may result in loss of access.

  49. Barefoot lifting is discouraged and done at your own risk, and closed-toe shoes are required on all cardio equipment.

  50. Always double check that you have clipped into the appropriate point on your harness with the appropriate carabiner(s) before climbing. Please ask staff if you are unsure where to clip in on your harness.

  51. After use, return the autobelay carabiner(s) to its designated anchor point.

  52. Active adult supervision is required for any child under the age of 13 using autobelays. Supervising adult must complete and pass Sportrock’s autobelay orientation and test prior to usage.

  53. The minimum age to use the autobelays is 5.

  54. The minimum weight to use the autobelays is 25 lbs.

  55. The maximum weight to use the autobelays is 300 lbs.

  56. When using autobelays, Always stay on the walls the autobelays are fixed to and climb directly below the autobelays. 

  57. Do not grab or clip into quickdraws, bolts, or top-ropes while using the autobelays.

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