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Youth Climbing Team

Be Part of the Team

Sportrock aims to introduce youth athletes to the world of climbing in all its forms, whether that’s simply as a fun and engaging activity, through competition, or in outdoor rock climbing.  The purpose of Sportrock’s growing Youth Team is to give youth an opportunity to develop as climbers based on their individual interests and needs – eventually growing them into lifelong climbers and athletes.  


Sportrock’s Youth Team will:

  • Provide a safe, positive environment for youth to explore the multi-faceted world of climbing.

  • Engage in evidence-based teaching at every level of youth development.

  • Transition youth at their pace through multiple layers of development, up to and including the elite-level of competition and outdoor rock climbing.

The Sportrock Youth Team is committed to: 

  • Exercising a phased alignment with the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s (USOPC) American Development Model (ADM) in order to create a program and structure based around the unique needs of different age and development levels.

  • Training youth coaches at every level of development.

  • Investing in resources for development up to and including the elite levels of climbing. 

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