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General FAQ

Do I have to be a member to climb at Sportrock?

While our memberships come with lots of awesome benefits, you do not need to be a member to climb at Sportrock. We offer Day Passes and Multi-Visit Passes. You can also climb with a member and use one of their Guest Passes!

I’ve never done this before, can I climb?

Yes! We have beginner classes and programs for everyone! For more inormation click here.

My kids want to climb, what can they do?

They can climb our walls instead of yours! We have a variety of youth programs for ages 5 and up. Check our classes page to see what we currently have available! We also offer private instruction for kids and adults of any age.

What are those shorter walls? I don’t see any ropes.

That’s bouldering, a form of climbing on shorter walls with no ropes. While we recommend down climbing, the bouldering area is padded to ensure a safe landing in the event of a fall. While accessible to beginners, we recommend that you seek guidance from our staff before you hop on the wall for the first time.

What should I wear?

Apparel: Like any athletic activity, freedom of movement is most important followed by dressing for the temperature. Although our facility is climate controlled, it can be a little warm on summer days and sometimes cool in winter. Longer shorts or pants tend to be more comfortable under a harness, rather than the ultra-short running variety. Shoes: For your first time on the wall, rental shoes are highly recommended. Our fee for rental shoes is $6. You can also wear a closed-toe athletic shoe. We do not allow climbers to climb barefoot at our facilities.

Can I wear my street shoes/running shoes/flip flops/Vibram FiveFingers/ninja shoes?

For your first time on the wall, a closed-toe athletic shoe will be a good bet. To avoid injury we strongly recommend against using “toe shoes,” as these do not offer the support or protection needed to climb. If you want to try an actual climbing shoe, we have those available for rent as well – try them, you just might be hooked. While rental shoes are not required, they are highly recommended. Our fee for rental shoes is $6. If you would like to climb in your street or approach shoes, Sportrock can sanitize the bottom of your shoes, just ask our staff.

Do you offer outdoor classes?

Yes! Between spring and fall, we’re climbing outdoors almost every weekend. If you want to learn more about our Outdoor Programming take a look here. We also offer private guiding options with AMGA certified guides.

How do I get there?

Check here for site specific information about our facilities. You can find our parking map for Sportrock Alexandria here. Our Alexandria facility is also only 200 yards east of the Van Dorn Street station (Blue Line) if you’re coming by Metro.

What are Sportrock's hours?

Alexandria: Monday - Friday | 6AM-11PM
Saturday & Sunday | 9AM-9PM Sterling: Monday - Friday | 6AM-10PM
Saturday & Sunday | 9AM-9PM SRPI Tuesday - Thursday | 7PM-10PM
Friday | 4PM-10PM
Sunday | 9AM-6PM

Are you accepting new members?

Sportrock is accepting new members. Become a member here!

Is Sportrock offering classes and clinics?

Check our classes page to see what we currently have available!

Can I be in the facility if I am a non-member parent of a child who is a member?

Yes, spectators are allowed in Sportrock facilities and do not require purchase of a Day Pass.

Are you doing lead and top rope belay tests?

Yes! We are running belay certification tests at our gyms. Learn more about becoming belay certified here.

Do you have auto belays?

Yes! Both Sterling and Alexandria have several auto belays. You must first go through an orientation with staff before using the auto belays. Please check in at the front desk and a staff member will walk you through the process.

Can I use rentals at your facilities?

Yes! We are renting all our climbing equipment.

What are Sportrock's Holiday Hours?

Sportrock stays open 363 days out of the year to better serve you! The two days we close? Thanksgiving Day | Christmas Day Thanksgiving 11.24.21 | Normal Hours 11.25.21 | All Facilities Closed 11.26.21 | Opening at 9AM - Normal Hours for the SRPI Christmas and New Year's 12.24.21 | Closing at 6PM - SRPI Closed 12.25.21 | All Facilities Closed 12.26.21 | Normal Hours - All Facilities 12.31.21 | Closing at 6PM - SRPI Open from 12-6PM 01.01.22 | Opening at 10AM

Climbing Terms

What’s belaying?

The belayer is your climbing partner who stands on the ground and takes out the slack in the rope as you climb – they keep you from falling to the ground when you let go of the wall. Obviously, belaying is a very important skill and requires some specific training. In addition to understanding belay technique, belayers must also be able to identify and tie climbing knots correctly in order to perform a safety check on their climber.





Class & Private Lesson Policy

Please note that ALL Private Lesson Packages must be used within 4 months of purchase. In order to cancel your class you must contact us at least 72 hours prior to the class date to receive a refund. You must contact us 48 hours before your class to reschedule. There is NO REFUND if you register for a class within 72 hours of its date.

Incliment Weather Policy

For the latest updates on our hours during inclement weather, please check the front page of this website, our Facebook page, or call us at 703-212-7625.

Private Events & Parties

In order to cancel or reschedule your event, you must contact Sportrock at least 14 days prior to the event. There is NO REFUND if you reserve a group event or party less than 14 days in advance.

Climbing Camp Policy

In order to cancel any camp program, you must contact us at least 14 days prior to the camp start date to receive a refund. You must contact us 14 days before the camp start date to reschedule. There is NO REFUND if you register for a camp within 14 days of its date. Regarding weather on outdoor days, our professional guides will determine if conditions are suitable for outdoor cllimbing. In the event of inclement weather, outdoor days will not be made up. We will spend the day in our Sportrock facility with our outdoor guides, who will surely set up big rope swings, obstacle courses, and much more for the kids!

Outdoor Classes Incliment Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather on the day of an Outdoor Class you will be contacted by our Staff within 24 hours of the Class for rescheduling. For questions concerning weather and outdoor classes you can email info@sportrock.com.