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L1 Lead

Learn to Lead Climb

Cost: Members $99 | Non-Members $119

Certification Required: Top Rope Belay

Required Grade Level: 5.9

Minimum Age: 14

Class Length: 2 hour class | 3 weeks

L1 Lead

Are you ready to graduate from top-roping? L1 Lead will teach you the fundamentals of sport lead climbing in the gym!

At the end of this class, you should have all the skills you need to pass the Sportrock Lead Climbing Test. 

Climbers must be able to lead climb a 5.9 to pass the Sportrock lead Climbing test.

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Skills Learned:

  • How to Lead Climb

  • How to Lead Belay

  • Proper safety techniques

Gear Included:

  • Lead Climbing Rope

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Private Lead Class

Ready to graduate from top roping but your schedule isn't working out with our lead classes or maybe you prefer more individualized instruction? You can take a private lead climbing class.

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