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Is this your first time?

Everyone who wants to top rope at Sportrock must take and pass our belay test before being allowed to belay or tie in to climb at Sportrock.

Be sure to fill out our Participant Agreement prior to your first visit.


For your first visit, we think it’s best to start with one of our classes or programs. It will help you get acquainted with the facility, share the experience with other new climbers and learn more about the sport.

Must-Do If You're New

Open Climb   


The perfect starter program for kids and adults! Our trained staff will handle the ropes for you as you experience all the thrills that rock climbing has to offer! The minimum age for this program is 5 years old. Pre-registration is required. Larger groups may be better served by booking a private party.

Intro to Climbing


Want to learn what climbing is all about? Our Introduction to Rock Climbing class will teach you the ins and outs of our facility and let you experience bouldering and top rope climbing for yourself. Our instructors will walk you through what bouldering on the shorter, steeper walls is all about and will also do all of the rope work for you on the taller walls. No experience necessary. Grab a friend and join us!

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Bringing the whole family along?

  • We require adult supervision for any child under the age of 14, even when participating in a Sportrock program. Our instructors are here to ensure your child has a fun climbing experience, but we need your help to achieve that. All children under 5 must boulder within arms reach of an adult supervisor.

  • When in the bouldering areas (the shorter walls without ropes), please do not allow your child to walk, run, or play under other climbers.

  • The minimum age for most Youth Programs is 5 years old. If your child is under 5 years old, they are allowed to boulder in designated areas while under your supervision.

  • Wondering what clothes to wear or which type of shoes are best? Check out our FAQ for answers to these and many more common questions. If there's anything else we forgot, just drop us a line.


If you want to climb with your family, we have a variety of climbing program options

that are suitable for all ages!



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