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TRX Workout at Home

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Why TRX suspension training?

This type of training incorporates those tiny stabilizing muscles that are crucial for climbing, but tough to engage while using the traditional gym machines. These exercises utilize your entire core along with your shoulders, glutes, legs, and back which translates to enhanced performance on steep climbing walls where; body tension, staying close to the wall, and deliberate foot placement are imperative.

For this workout, you will need TRX bands like these or something similar.

Check out these Total Resistance Exercises provided for you below. Give it a go and leave a comment on how it goes!


1st Workout:

TRX with feet about 4-8 inches above the ground in straps. 3 Sets

  1. 30 Seconds plank

  2. 10 Double knees to chest

  3. 10 Alternating knee to elbows

  4. 10 Alternating double knee oblique crunch

  5. 30 Seconds plank

~Bonus: 30 second side planks on each side without wobbling 


2nd Workout:

TRX with hands-on straps about 3-6 inches above the ground–advanced and requires a strong and healthy core, shoulders, and back.

3 Sets

  1. 30 Second plank

  2. 5 Second plank with right arm straight overhead

  3. 5 Second plank with left arm straight overhead

  4. 3-5 Second plank with both arms straight overhead

  5. 3-5 Second plank with both arms straight out to the side


Looking for more ways to workout? Check out Power Training for Climbers!

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