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Second Story Climbs at Sportrock

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

This summer Second Story’s Culmore Safe Youth Project got the opportunity to climb at Sportrock Alexandria! Second Story is an organization dedicated to building and proving a community in which “all young people are safe, live in a nurturing environment and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.” For the last 46 years, they have transformed the lives of children by “helping them stay safe, make positive decisions, achieve educational success, and overcome personal crises.” All of us at Sportrock were stoked to have Second Story come climb with us! We reached out to Abigail Brougher from Second Story to see how their climbing trip went (spoiler alert: they had a blast!).

“At first a lot of the kids were nervous. The walls loomed above them and the holds felt slippery, but in no time, each of them was surprised and excited to see how high they could climb! Some of the kids even climbed to the top of the highest walls in the gym – 60 feet tall! ‘It did look scary, but it was actually very fun!’ Jessica, one of the climbers, said.

Nine young people, the program coordinator, and four volunteers went along to help out – two from Second Story, and two Sportrock employees. The kids and volunteers had a blast together. ‘I liked it because it was really fun and the people were kind,’ Keriy, another young person from the Safe Youth Project, said.

Laura, the program coordinator from the Culmore Safe Youth Project, loved watching the kids in her program have so much fun. ‘This was such a great opportunity for the kids to challenge themselves and to try a different sport. They hope they have another chance to come back one day. Thank you Sportrock!'”


A big reason why we love hosting programs like this is because we believe every kid should try climbing!


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