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Must-Know Info on Resoling Climbing Shoes

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Indoor rock climbing and bouldering are epic workouts for your whole body. And to get the best climb in, you need the best gear.

Enter your climbing shoes...

By now, you’ve probably developed a love for your favorite shoes that allow you to get up and move. And when you love something, you take care of it.

Let’s talk about resoling climbing shoes. Why is it necessary, and when is a good time to do it?

Resoling Climbing Shoes: When’s the Right Time?

To figure out when it’s time to resole your shoes, you’ll need to assess the sole and the rand of the climbing shoes. Not sure what that means? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Take a look at your rock climbing shoes. Notice how there’s a big piece of rubber wrapping the toe box of the shoe and continuing along the sides? That’s called the rand.

Where the rand meets the bottom of the shoe? That’s called the sole (like most shoes). Most climbing shoes will have a distinct line between the two; you’ll notice just where one yields to the other.

As soon as you’ve begun to wear down this line, it’s time for a resole. Don’t wait any longer, either. The rand isn’t designed to be climbed on. Otherwise, you risk blowing out your shoes if you rely on the rand after the sole has been worn down!

Will Resoling Affect Your Climb?

There are mixed answers to this question. Some opt to resole shoes to make them last forever, and six quality resoles later, they’re still in love with their original pair. Others claim their climbs aren’t the same after a single resole.

To answer this question best, refer to how worn your shoes are currently. Have you begun to climb on the rand at all? If so, your shoes’ structural integrity may be compromised.

That means they may not give you as great of a climb in their next life. If your rand is worn down at all, it might be time for a new pair.

This also depends on the way you climb. If you exclusively climb rock walls and boulders at your local rock climbing gym, then resoled shoes probably won’t change up the game for you too much. If you mix your gym climbs with difficult outdoor climbs, you might want to opt for a new pair entirely to ensure the best performance.

How Many Times Can You Resole?

As we said, some may resole six times and still love their shoes. Some don’t at all.

The answer depends on how well you care for the shoe's body. Do you bring them to a resole-er for minor repairs, like stitching issues and other minimal damage? If not, the body of your shoes might be wearing out pretty quickly.

It also depends on what style of climbing shoes you wear. Those who favor super stiff shoes might have a tough time maintaining your shoe’s unique shape through multiple lives. In this case, a new pair might be your best bet.

Your Next Climb

Now that you’ve read up on all the details you need to know about resoling climbing shoes. Hopefully, you’ve come away with a decision on what to do with those dusty shoes sitting in your closet!

You should take those bad boys for a spin! Check out our membership details to hit the rocks ASAP!

If you need tips on finding the right climbing shoes, read this.


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