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Routesetting Workshop | Setting for Divisional Championships


  • Wednesday, January 31st - Friday, February 2nd 

    • Wednesday Session: 9am - 5pm

    • Thursday Session: 9am - 5pm

    • Friday Session: 9pm - 5pm


  • USAC Level 1 Certification or higher


  • Minimum 16 years old

Join Level 5 National Chief Routesetters Mike Bockino, Jeremy Ho, and Jeremy Hardin for a three-day, comprehensive learning experience about Divisional Championship routesetting. 


In this workshop, you will dive into the intricacies of setting for a Divisional Championship from some of the most widely regarded Chief Routesetters in the country. Mike Bockino is not only the guy you email for everything USAC Routesetting related, but he is the single most experienced Chief Routesetter when it comes to Youth Championship events while additionally having Youth World Championship routesetting experience. Between Mike, Jeremy Ho, and Jeremy Harden, the trio has chiefed close to 50 Divisional Championships. Who better to learn about the skills needed to be successful at an event of this level? 


In this 3-day workshop, attendees will learn the nuances of what it takes to execute a Divisional Championship and apply learned information by setting a Mock Divisional for elite athletes. Many of the best athletes from the Mid-Atlanic and beyond will be in attendance for the mock rounds. Many of the athletes are National Championship contenders and will show you what the top-level competitors look like in action. You are highly encouraged to stay to observe the qualification day and participate in a full turnover for the second day of the mock competition. The turnover night is a real-life opportunity to implement what you will learn about the athletes' abilities and be able to correct the level of finals to select the best all-around athletes, just like the real thing. 


Our Mock Divisional Round will mirror the intensity and environment of a Divisional Championship with help from some of the best Regional and National Coordinators who will be running a judging training session on both days

Youth Mock Divisional Championship Mini Camp


  • Saturday, February 3rd - Sunday, February 4th

    • Session One: 9am-1pm (Categories FC, MB, FA, & MJR)​

    • Session Two: 2pm-6pm (Categories MC, FB, MA, & FJR)

Join us for this two-day mock-round and educational event! This is an incredible opportunity for athletes to experience a high-level, realistic competition environment and receive valuable feedback from the most experienced coaches and routesetters in the country. This mini-camp will be an excellent way for climbers to prepare for the actual championship event and gain insights into the intricacies of routesetting, competition mental prep, mid-round recovery and so much more.


Athletes participating in this 2-day session can expect to face challenges similar to those encountered in real competition rounds, with direct feedback from both coaches and routesetters alike to help identify strengths, area for improvement, and preparation for the real thing.


Athletes participating in this mini-camp are in for a treat, as they will benefit not only from the unparalleled routesetting experience of Mike Bockino, Jeremy Ho, and Jeremy Hardin but also from the coaching prowess of Julia Talbot and Ryan DeBlock. The combination of highest-level routesetting and top-notch coaching creates an unparalleled learning environment for youth athletes.

To receive the 15% discount both Mock Comps/Mini Camps must be purchased at full price separately. 


About the Routesetters

We are thrilled to have Mike Bockino (Divisionals), Jeremy Ho, and Jeremy Hardin, all Level 5 National Chief Routesetters, lead the routesetting charge for these camps. Their extensive experience and expertise, including setting at every level of competition both nationally and internationally, make these events a unique and valuable opportunity for participants.


Having collectively chiefed over 100 Regional and Divisional Championship events demonstrates their deep understanding of the routesetting style, competition dynamics, and the challenges athletes at various levels will encounter. 


The rarity of having routesetters of this caliber in one event adds significant value. Participants will not only benefit from the diverse perspectives each setter brings but also from the collective knowledge gained through years of experience. performance.

About the Coaches

Having Julia Talbot and Ryan DeBlock as the primary coaches for these mini-camps adds another layer of excellence. Their roles as Youth Teams Head Coach and S3 Head Coach at Sportrock, along with their track record of coaching numerous athletes to the National Championship level, reflect their expertise and dedication to the sport.


The fact that Julia Talbot and Ryan DeBlock have successfully coached athletes to the National Championship level multiple times underscores their ability to nurture talent and guide climbers to their highest potential. This mini-camp provides a unique opportunity for athletes to receive personalized coaching from these individuals who have a proven track record of success at the national level.



Overall, the combination of elite routesetters and experienced coaches makes this mini-camp a well-rounded and valuable experience for participants, offering insights and guidance from both sides of the competition world. We’re certain the athletes involved will find this opportunity incredibly beneficial for their growth and development in the sport!

Spring Break Training Camp at the New River Gorge


  • Sunday, March 24th - Thursday, March 28th

    • Drop-off will be on Sunday 3/24 at 9am​

    • Pick-up will be 3:30pm - 4pm on Thursday 3/28

    • Drop-off and pick-up will be at Sportrock Alexandria

Who is this camp for?

  • Confident 5.10 climbers and up. Indoor lead experience is recommended. No outdoor climbing is required but is welcome. 

The Sportrock Performance Institute and Sportrock Climbing Guides are teaming up again to bring back the Spring Break Training Camp at the New River Gorge!  


Youth athletes will join SRPI Coaches and SRCG Director Sean Taft-Morales for 4 nights and 3 full days of climbing, coaching, and technical instruction in a beautiful, world-class setting.  


Each day students will climb, and receive a combination of coaching and technical instruction.  Coaching will explore topics like outdoor projecting, redpoint, and on-sight tactics, movement skills, sports and outdoor psychology, and more.  Potential technical clinics include placing and cleaning quickdraws, cleaning sport routes, basic anchor construction, guidebook and topo interpretation, basic self-rescue, rappelling, Leave No Trace principles, and more. 

Click the More Info button above for information regarding price and what is and what is not included. If you have any further questions, please reach out to Sean Taft-Morales, Director of Sportrock Climbing Guides.

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