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2019 USA Climbing Nationals at Sportrock

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Press Release

On March 8th and 9th, 2019, Sportrock Alexandria will be hosting the 2019 USA Climbing Sport and Speed Open National Championships!

In 2018, Sportrock Climbing Centers opened up Bay 3 in their Alexandria facility which consists of 60+ foot walls as well as two IFSC regulation, 15m speed walls.

The new facility made Sportrock Alexandria a perfect fit to host Sport and Speed Nationals! USA Climbing Sport and Speed Nationals is the biggest rope competition in the US and, this year is a major part of selecting athletes to compete internationally on the USA Olympic team coming up in 2020.

Sport and Speed Nationals is a competition that consists of both lead and speed components in which athletes will compete separately. These two competitions will have different podiums. In the upcoming Olympics, however, athletes will be competing in a new format that consists of sport, speed, and bouldering, almost like a triathlon of climbing. Climbers from all around the world are pushing their comfort zones to become more well-rounded athletes so that they may represent their country in Tokyo in 2020. In the US, climbers have been competing in a series of USA Climbing sanctioned events to earn points toward an overall score that will help determine the USA team for the Olympics. Sport and Speed Nationals happens once a year and brings out the best sport and speed climbers in the country. This year, we are sure to see the best of the best here at Sportrock, fighting for the national title as well as a spot on the Olympic team!

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