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10 Dyno Tips to Up Your Game

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

I’ve always considered myself a pretty decent dyno-er. I’m 6’ 3”, climb powerfully, and usually do alright at local dyno comps, but Markyece? Markyece is on a whole other level. Markyece is the Sportrock dyno master. He crushes the dyno comp at Beat the Heat most years and can always be found leaping around the gym. So as I put my dyno tips together, I decided to scrap them and get some advice from the man himself. Here are Markyece’s tips to dynoing like a pro:

1. WARMUP – Fast twitch muscles move faster when your body is warm.

2. Focus on your legs pushing your body, not your arms pulling your body up.

3. Always Commit – If you’re not committed, you won’t stick it.

4. Be aware of the hold(s) you’re dynoing to – Is it a jug? A sloper?

5. NO FEAR – Never be afraid to flop because it will happen.

6. Make sure your center of gravity is over your dominant foot.

7. Check those knees – High feet can help with ups, but they can also thrust your knees into your chest which is a no-no.

8. FLY – Enjoy the split second of weightlessness as you’re flying through the air.

9. Body Tension – Once you stick the hold, it’s not over. You have to maintain body tension and control until you stop swinging.

10. SAFETY – Please have a spotter. Please.

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