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Beat The Heat (BTH) 17

Sportrock's biggest single-day climbing competition & member appreciation event of the year is turning 17!​


  • Saturday, August 12th, 2023 @12pm


Grade Level: 

  • Climbers of all levels are welcome!

Minimum Age: 

  • All ages are welcome. Bring the whole family!

What does Beat the Heat cost?

  • BTH is FREE for Sportrock members

  • $10 for non-member spectators

  • $50 non-member participants 

Beat the Heat 17 Open Results

Female Finals Results

1st: Evelyn Orton

2nd: Jolie Abadir

3rd: Joselyn Toyoda

4th: Hannah Breen

5th: Juliet Hammer

Male Finals Results

1st: Matthew Baker

2nd: Luke Williams

3rd: Adrian Lagasse

4th: Elijah Duran

5th: Matthew Tsshippert

Beat the Heat 17
Full Results

 Thank you to all competitors, spectators, sponsors & vendors who came to Beat the Heat 17 and made it the most attended Beat the Heat ever! 

The History

Beat the Heat was created in 2005 as a member appreciation event. Lillian Chao-Quinlan had just taken over as president and her first request was to deepen the bonds of the Sportrock community.


18 years later, we are still celebrating this incredible community and the importance of staying connected despite everything we have all been through over the years. So grab your chalk bag, your shoes, and your friends because this Beat The Heat will be one for the books!



  • Bouldering Competition

  • Ropes Competition

  • Crate Stacking 

  • Buddy Boulders

  • Arm Wrestling

  • Hang Contest Hosted by the American Alpine Club

  • Raffle/Prizes

  • FREE Food And Drink

  • FREE Hard Cider at Finals!

Event Schedule:

August 12th, 2023

10:00 AM
Doors Open - Free Entry!
11:00 AM
Crate Stacking Starts
11:30 PM
Local Vendors Serve Lunch
1:00 PM
SEND Bar Tasting
2:45 PM
Lunch Ends
3:00 PM
Sasha DiGiulian Book Talk & Signing
4:00 PM
Crate Stacking Ends
5:00 PM
More Food & Drink
7:00 PM
Event Ends - Gym Stays Open Until 9!

Bouldering Competition Info

Beat the Heat's main attraction is certainly the bouldering competition!

In the week leading up to BTH the SR routesetters will reset every boulder in the gym! They will give each boulder problem a point value. In the redpoint format qualifying round, climbers will have 4hrs to climb, marking their top 5 highest value climbs on their score card. The sum of a climbers 5 hardest climbs will be their final score.

Make sure to stick around for the Open Category finals, sponsored by Arc'teryx, hat the Sportrock Performance Insitute for free hard cider and the show of a lifetime!

Bouldering Categories

Your category should be determined by your flash grade (the hardest grade that you can climb on your first try).

  • Youth | 12 Years Old & Under

  • Beginner | Pink - White | V0-V2

  • Intermediate | Yellow | V3-V4  

  • Advanced | Blue | V5-V6

  • Open | Green | V7+

  • Masters | 40 + Years Old


Ropes Competition Info

Beat the Heat is a ropes comp too! While Beat the Heat has its roots as a bouldering competition we thought it would be silly not to take advantage of our beautiful 60ft tall rope climbing area!


Climbs in Bay 3 (the tall walls!) will be assigned point values. Climbers will select their top 5 highest value climbs and their combined value will be their score! 

If you are psyched on ropes, make sure to bring your harness and your try hard!

Sign-up for the ropes comp will take place in person the day of the event!

Ropes Categories

Your category should be determined by your flash grade (the hardest grade that you can climb on your first try).

  • Beginner | 5.9 & Under

  • Intermediate | 5.10-5.11  

  • Advanced | 5.12 & Up

Ropes Image 2.jpg

Parking Map

Please only park in "Sportrock" designated parking spots in the Sportrock parking lot.


If the Sportrock parking lot fills please park in the "Victory Center Lot" located across Eisenhower Avenue.

BTH Apparel

Every year for Beat the Heat we come up with a unique design for a limited-run apparel line.


For Beat the Heat is turning 17 this year, we've gone with a funky 70's theme! Stay up to date by following us on Instagram!

Men's & women's tank tops along with unisex t-shirts will only be sold on the day of the event so make sure to come out and grab one!


Event Sponsors:

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