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Rock Your 
Valentine's Day With Us!

Intro to Climbing

Boulder and Top Rope!


$36 Members | $45 Non-Members

Minimum Age:



2 hours

Intro to Climbing

Introduction to Rock Climbing is a great way to try everything the climbing gym has to offer.

Instructors will teach you the basics of bouldering (the shorter walls) and manage the ropes while you climb the tall walls top rope climbing. We will also walk you through how to use the auto-belays, so you can climb the tall walls without a partner!

Grab a friend and join us!

Skills Learned:

  • An introduction to auto-belays

  • The basics of bouldering

  • The basics of top rope climbing

  • Encouragement and coaching on climbing basics from instructors

Gear Included:

  • Harnesses and Helmets

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