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Top Rope Belaying

Learn How to Belay


FREE for Members | $45 For Non-Members

Minimum Age:



2 hours

Top Rope Belaying

Our Top Rope Belaying class will teach you the essential skills of managing the rope so you and your climbing partner can climb the tall walls at a Sportrock facility. Once you’ve got those skills down, we welcome you to stick around and practice under the supervision of your instructor. Successfully mastering the skills in this class will prepare you to pass our Top Rope Belay Test on your next visit.

Skills Learned:

  • How to safely wear a harness

  • How to tie into the rope

  • How to belay for a partner

  • The grading scale & route selection

Gear Included:

  • Harnesses

  • Belay Devices

  • Helmets

  • Climbing Shoes

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