Our guiding pillars, ROCK:


Sportrock has some of the best routesetters in the country and one of only a handful of level 5 USA Climbing Certified Routesetters.  They work hard to set the most creative, challenging, diverse, and fun boulder problems and routes.  With all of our expansions over the years, we offer state of the art climbing terrain with the tallest walls in the Metro DC area.


We are one of the first indoor rock climbing gyms in the country.  Sportrock was founded in 1994 by a group of climbers who outgrew a home wall in Zich’s Garage, an unused auto garage shop.  Even after 5 expansions, we have stayed true to being a climbing gym rooted in top-notch climbing and building a strong community of climbers.



Whether it’s within the walls of Sportrock or on a larger scale reaching out to various audiences.  We use rock climbing as a platform to expand our community.  We host a weekly Parkinsons Group, adaptive climbing, at-risk youths, fundraisers for various causes are just some examples.


We are committed to being a teaching/learning gym. With the addition of the Sportrock Performance Institute, Sportrock is committed to developing youth and adult athletes of every skill level, from beginner to high-performance athletes. Whether they only climb indoors or want to venture outside,  we are committed to educating and preparing climbers to reach their goals.