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Whether you are an aspiring routesetter or a youth climbing athlete, our competiton climbing training camps & workshops will help you take your comp climbing game to the next level.

Training Camps + Workshops

Pre-Nationals Training Camp |
Bouldering, Sport Climbing, Speed Climbing

When is the training camp?

  • Block #1

    • June 28th

      • 11:30am to 5:00pm

    • June 29th

      • 10:00am to 3:30pm

  • Block #2​

    • July 1st​

      • ​11:30am to 5:00pm

    • July 2nd​

      • ​10:00am to 3:30pm

Where is the training camp?

  • Sportrock Alexandria

  • & The Sportrock Performance Institute

Who is this camp for?

Athletes ages 11 and over who have been invited to a previous National Championship (or believe they will be). 

What will athletes get out of this camp?

Come join us at the Sportrock Performance Institute for our pre-nationals training camp(s). Athletes will be able to choose whether to participate in Bouldering, Sport Climbing, and or Speed Climbing.


Through a series of mock-rounds, climbing energy system training and physical conditioning, climbing technical stations, and other activities, athletes will receive top notch instruction with a small coach-to-athlete ratio. 


Join us for one block or come for both.  Additionally, you'll receive guidance about how to "train to prepare" for the camp, as well as optimal individualized deloading afterward.

Setting will be done by Level-5 setter Jeremy Hardin, and Level-5 setter Enrico Baistrocchi! 

Coaches for the camps will be Taylor Reed, Mohammad Jafari, and Charlie Osborne!

Enhancing The Coach-Athlete Bond |
Climbing Technique and Feedback

When is the workshop?

  • May 28th

    • 10AM - 5PM with 1 hour break in-between​

Where is the workshop?

  • Sportrock Performance Institute

Who is this workshop for?

Coaches and Athletes interested in competition climbing.

What will coaches and athletes get out of this camp?

This training camp is intended to heighten and explore the coach-athlete relationship through a combination of verbal cueing and technical work.  


Work with internationally-recognized coach Taylor Reed to understand both effective and efficient climbing technique. 


In this 1-day workshop, you’ll learn verbal cues that explore the push-pull relationship, how cues vary across the timeline of skill development, the creation of mental representations, the timing of feedback, and of course different analytical lenses for the SRPI’s famed bouldering setting.

Click on the booking link for more info!

Pre-Nationls Trainig Camp

The Coaches:

Head Coach | Taylor Reed -

Director of the Beta Angel Project, Secretary of the International Rock Climbing Research Association, and Director of the Sportrock Performance Institute, Taylor has been coaching for 20 years.  He has been involved in training camps in multiple countries including the US, Japan, and Canada, and is internationally-recognized for his work trying to bridge the space between science and practice.

Routesetter | Jeremy Hardin -

Jeremy Hardin has set for both National Championship and International World Cup events. Jeremy has been the chief routesetter for almost every level of competiton. He is a Level 5 USAC Routesetter and is one of the most decorated and accomplished routesetters in the country. Jeremy just got back from being the Cheif Routesetter for Boulder Nationals in Colorado.

Routesetter & Coach | Enrico Baistrocchi -

Enrico is a level 4 routesetter and Mesa Rim Training Center Director. Enrico will be joining Sportrock for the Pre-Nationals Training Camp as both a coach and routesetter.  Enrico is a former IFSC World Cup competitor and Italian National Team athlete. He has a bachelor’s degree in Sport Science and is an IFSC-certified International Routesetter and setter and coach for national teams athletes clinics.


Assistant Coach | Charlie Osborne -

2022 Collegiate National Champion, 2022 Finalist at the National Team Trials, and 2022 Cup competitor, Charlie is fresh out of Salt Lake City where he has been training with the country’s best.

Assistant Coach | Mohammad Jafari -

Former winner of the USA Climbing Sport Climbing American National Championship

Climbing Coaching

If you are looking for one-on-one performance climbing coaching schedule a Performance Assessment or an SRPI Private Instruction.

Routesetting Workshops

Routesetting workshop dates coming soon!

Check out images from past training camps!

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