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Whether you are an aspiring routesetter or a youth athlete, our training camps & workshops will help you take your game to the next level.

Climbing Coaches

If you are looking for one-on-one performance climbing coaching to schedule a Performance Assessment or an SRPI Private Instruction.

Youth Training Camps

SRPI B,A,Jr. Youth Training
Camp | National Level
  • Dec 26th & 27th

    • Day #1 | 11:30am​ - 5pm

    • Day #2 | 10am - 3pm

Who is this camp for?

Youth B,A, and Jr. athletes who are interested in national-level bouldering preparation, who made at least Divisionals Day 2 during the previous year.  Note that this is not a hard requirement, but the setting will be quite challenging. 

Athletes can expect to build capacity on a number of high-quality national-level competition sets. The mock competitions portion will be set by a routesetter with recent national-level chief experience (Jeremy Hardin -- Level 5). Debrief, prep, and training guidance will be overseen by a team of coaches led by Taylor Reed. 


Additionally, athletes can expect significant learning on each set as setters and coaches tweak and encourage progression. 

SRPI C,D Youth Training
Camp | Prep For The Future
  • Dec 29th & 30th

    • Day #1 | 11:30am​ - 5pm

    • Day #2 | 10am - 3pm

Who is this camp for?

C and D or first year B athletes interested in competition at the Regional level and above.

Early development is very important for youth athletes.  The focus of this camp will be on appropriate development of young athletes interested in competition.  Athletes will have the opportunity to participate in coach-facilitated redpoint and onsight rounds, and will learn early sport psychology skills, as well as run through activities meant to improve coordination, agility, balance, and speed. They will be provided with tools to make productive social comparisons, learn new and interesting movements set by one of nation's top setters (Jeremy Hardin -- Level 5), deal with failure, and improve their understanding of how to set goals beyond traditional podium goals.

The Coaches:

Head Coach | Taylor Reed -

Director of the Beta Angel Project, Secretary of the International Rock Climbing Research Association, and Director of the Sportrock Performance Institute, Taylor has been coaching for 20 years.  He has been involved in training camps in multiple countries including the US, Japan, and Canada, and is internationally-recognized for his work trying to bridge the space between science and practice.

Routesetter | Jeremy Hardin -

Jeremy Hardin has set for both National Championship and International World Cup events. Jeremy has been the chief routesetter for almost every level of competiton. He is a Level 5 USAC Routesetter and is one of the most decorated and accomplished routesetters in the country. Jeremy just got back from being the Cheif Routesetter for Boulder Nationals in Colorado.


Assistant Coach | Charlie Osborne -

2022 National Champion in Collegiate, 2022 Finalist at the National Team Trials, and 2022 Cup competitor, Charlie is fresh out of Salt Lake City where he has been training with the country’s best.


Assistant Coach | Julia Duffy -

2022 Bronze medalist at the National Team Trials, 2022 Bronze Medalist at the Youth National Championships, and semi-finalist at the 2022 Edinburgh World Cup and 2021 Villars World Cup.  Julia is also currently training in Salt Lake City, where she is learning how to balance College and her professional climbing aspirations.


More Coaches to Come

Routesetting Workshops

Introduction to
Routesetting Workshop
  • Nov 30th | 9am-2pm

Students will learn the fundamentals of routesetting from Jeremy Ho and Sportrock's Jeremy Hardin, two USA Climbing L5 Chief Routesetters with years of National and International setting experience. This workshop is for those with little to no routesetting experience; whether you have never turned a wrench before or have limited experience setting on home walls or recreational facilities.


Students will break off into small groups and set problems with guidance from some of the best routesetters in the country!


Topics that will be covered:


  • Tools and Materials: (holds, volumes, & hardware).

  • The understanding of the basic climbing movements and how to set them

  • How to create a proper “Climbing Environment” and making the most of your holds and volumes

  • Practical experience in Setting (picture the problem on the ground, pick the holds, force the move!)

  • The forerunning process (Holds Orientation and Climbing Progression)

Advanced Routesetting Workshop
  • Dec 1st & 2nd

    • Day #1 | 9am​ - 5pm

    • Day #2 | 9am - 5pm

Join L5 Routesetters Jeremy Ho and Jeremy Hardin in a two day learning experience all about routesetting for Adult and Youth Championship level competitions. With over a decade of Chiefing National level events, our instructors will provide you with knowledge and challenges focused on developing your skills needed to set high caliber events. With a mix of classroom instruction, task oriented routesetting, and direct one on one feedback, attendees will walk away with a deep understanding of competition routesetting. 


Whether you have experience setting championship level events or aspire to, you will get a lot out of this workshop.

Check out images from past training camps!

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