Frequently asked questions

What is the Sportrock Performance Institute?

The Sportrock Performance Institute, or the SRPI, is a teaching and learning space. Understanding individual climber’s needs are at the core of SRPI’s state-of-the-art assessment center and its video analysis room. SRPI will house a variety of measurement tests and evaluation tools. Whether it’s biomechanics, cognitive-motor learning, or sports psychology, SRPI will have the capability to assess-in-detail to be able to promote an individualized path to performance. As the science and practical applications of climbing continue to evolve, SRPI will update methods for our climbing in training. The Sportrock Team is passionate about instruction and we’re committed to supporting the youth climbing community. SRPI boulder problems will cater to climbers with a competitive mindset. Competition-style boulder problems have varied wall terrain, incorporate larger holds and volumes, have a decreased density, and a range of levels with different styles. All of which will prepare our youth climbers for competitions.

Do I have to be a Sportrock Member to purchase the Membership Add-on?

Yes, the $30 SRPI Membership add-on must be purchased in addition to a standard Sportrock Membership. There are separate options for Youth Team Memberships.

Do I have to be an SRPI Member to climb at the SRPI?

No, currently we offer a $20 day pass for non-members and a $15 day pass for members. On our First Sunday event, members can book a time slot for FREE! ($20 day pass for non-members)

What is first sunday?

On the first Sunday of every month, the Sportrock Performance Institute will hold an event where we are running tours and special clinics throughout the day! It will be FREE for all regular Sportrock members and day passes will be $20. Beta PT, a climber specific physical therapy office by Dr. Logan Cooper, and Lifestyle Fitness, an in-house massage therapy office by Kristen Norvel, will also be open for screenings and inquiries.

How do SRPI hours work?

SRPI Hours are designated hours, separate from Youth Team practices, allowing participants to climb without team practices overcrowding the space. Covid Regulations: All participants are required to book a time slot similar to our regular gyms. However, an SRPI time slot is 2 hours and 45 minutes long instead of 1 hour and 45 minutes! TUESDAY 7-10PM WEDNESDAY 7-10PM THURSDAY 7-10PM FRIDAY 4-6:45PM, 7-10PM SUNDAY 9-11:45AM, 12-2:45PM, 3-6PM

What if I have a question about the Sportrock Performance Institute?

Please email the Director of the Sportrock Performance Institute, Taylor Reed for any and all questions.