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Division 8 Lead/Top Rope Championships


  • June 3rd - 4th


  • Sportrock Alexandria

  • Check-In at the SRPI

Gym Access Impact

From May 29th - June 2nd, routes from the right of the speedwall to the multi-pitch ledge will  be closed for routesetting and forerunning. Routes to the left of the speedwall will remain available for members to climb on. 

No potential competitor or representative of a competitor shall enter or view Bay 3 during the routesetting period (5/29-6/2). A "representative" of a competitor includes:

  • Coach

  • Parent

  • Teammate

  • Sibling

From June 3rd-4th, Bay 3, the SRPI and Fitness Areas will be closed to members for the event. 

There will be a $10 spectator fee, which will be waived for volunteers. 

Sportrock Climbing League
  • The Sportrock Climbing League is a recreational team bouldering competition series for climbers of all abilities aged 16+. The vibe is fun and lighthearted, but competitive. The idea is to get people excited about competition climbing and build a deeper sense of community!

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