We keep the classes small and have a high instructor/student ratio.


All classes are $57/person.

Technique for the V5/5.11 Climber
  • Are you having trouble breaking into blue tag boulders and 5.11 routes? Do all the weight room reps and hangboard sets in the world feel like they’re not getting your climbing past that dreaded plateau? It’s time to take all that glorious strength and revisit how you apply it on the wall! Join Alexandria Advanced Team Head Coach Xander Wong (and anyone else who wants to teach this!) for a deep dive into some of the most common and crucial climbing techniques for sending V5/5.11 climbs and above!

Supplementary Strength Training for Climbers
  • Targeting your strength needs may be the fastest way for you to turn a weakness into a strength.  Join Sophie Dasmalchi (NASM-CPT) and Chris Oshinski (Sterling Competitive Team Coach) for an evening of resistance training and knowledge building.

Supplementary Power Training for Climbers
  • The attribute one researcher suggested may be more important than finger strength, is the rate at which that force develops.  So what do you get when you combine strength with speed?  More POWER!  We’ll focus on the fingers, prime movers, and techniques that make power work in climbing.  Join SRPI Director and internationally-recognized coach Taylor Reed, Sophie Dasmalchi (NASM-CPT), and Alexandria Advanced team head coach Xander Wong.


Clinics are free to SRPI add-on members and available to day-pass users.

Mastering Deadpoints
  • Deadpoints are one of the quickest (pun intended) ways to move through the unstable portion of a move.  Join SRPI Director and internationally-recognized coach Taylor Reed for an hour of technical cues and tricks for improving the accuracy, timing, and positioning of deadpoints.