We keep the classes small and have a high instructor-to-student ratio.

- March

Faster Projecting Skills | Positioning Your Feet and Legs

  • Tired of throwing yourself at the problem over and over just “waiting” to make it stick? Come learn some of the more common analytical lenses for movement with other climbers.  Learn by doing! Find out what the motor-learning science suggests is the quickest way to transfer and retain your skill.

- April

Positioning Your Feet and Legs | Endurance Training for Ropes

  • Learn basic and advanced flagging methods, compression and opposition, how to decide your foot choice from the options available. Even once you’ve decided your foot options, you still have power!  Learn what options you have once you’ve anchored your feet and hands.

- May

Endurance Training for Ropes | Horrible Feet

  • Want to go further without getting pumped?  Want to climb longer while pumped?  Want to recover better when you take a hand off?  Feel powered out? Learn how to have more specificity in your climbing training.

- June

Horrible Feet | I Hate Slopers

  • Do you commonly find your feet blowing off holds? Build confidence to go after moves that feel insecure due to feet. Learn technical approaches to a difficult and crucial element of climbing.

- July

I Hate Slopers | Exploration Is Inefficient

  • Let’s chat all things hold-type, and the strategies associated with them.

- August

Exploration Is Inefficient | Intro to Comp-Style Climbing

  • You’ve heard excess movement is bad.  Let’s talk about why it’s good. Learn the finer points of redpoint vs. onsight climbing, how exploration is discussed in the science of climbing, and the practical options for exploring to become a better climber.

August -


Intro to Comp-Style Climbing | Slab Climbing

  • The SRPI is a training facility tailored to climbing movement seen in competitive settings. Learn to climb like professionals on TV and how to prepare for competitions at any level.

- October

Slab Climbing | Climbing With Your Pushers

  • Learn the mobility elements of slab climbing, french slab feet, the subtle requirements of the heel and back, the “cece hip shove”, FBB deadpoints and much much more.

- November

Climbing With Your Pushers

  • We pull but how often do we push?  Can we learn the finer points of the push-pull relationship to compensate for our weaknesses?  Let’s learn everything “push-related.” Learn how to use your triceps and shoulders, and your posterior chain and quads. In this class, we’ll discuss the finer points of thinking about everything other than the main pulling arm.


Clinics are free to SRPI add-on members and available to day-pass users.

Mastering Deadpoints
  • Deadpoints are one of the quickest (pun intended) ways to move through the unstable portion of a move.  Join SRPI Director and internationally-recognized coach Taylor Reed for an hour of technical cues and tricks for improving the accuracy, timing, and positioning of deadpoints.