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S4: Professional
Development Team

The Sportrock S4: Professional Development Team is the newest edition to Sportrock’s youth programming.  It’s based on the 4th step of the American Development Model, which the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) recommends as the step when an athlete strives for high performance.

S4 is a team for those athletes who are ready for the psychological and physiological rigors of high-level competition training.  They want greater individualization.  They are ready to commit to longer hours of training.  They are searching for more.  The new team structure and dedication to training will ensure that the program takes into account all elements of performance which have the potential to impact the athlete.

The team is headed by the Director of the Sportrock Performance Institute (SRPI), Taylor Reed.  Taylor has a significant amount of high-level athlete experience to draw from.  He has been coaching since 2005, has taught both at the national and international level, and has worked with youth and adult competitors at all levels from Regional to World Championships.

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Athletes considering joining S4 must have competed at the Divisional level of a USA Climbing competition within the last two seasons and be at least in the “B” year of competition (roughly age 14).  Athletes of chronological age 12 and 13 may request a waiver, which will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and assessed based on indicators of physiological and psychological maturity.

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The S4 team has practice Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6-9:30pm, and Saturday from 11-2:30pm  All practices will be run from the Sportrock Performance Institute with breakouts to the rest of the gym as needed.

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  • Take advantage of regular video analysis sessions.

  • Experiment with cutting-edge training protocols.

  • Grasp the balance between long-term development and short-term performance.

  • Master elite climbing performance training.

  • Find their individual-specific strengths and weaknesses.

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