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At Home Workouts – Quarantine Edition

Updated: Jan 20

Social distancing blues? We’re here for our active community! Being cooped up at home can drive us (k)NOTS! To keep healthy physically and mentally, Molly, the Director of Programs and Events, wants to share her simple workouts that everyone can do, no equipment necessary. We have much more killer fitness content to share soon! Stay tuned, and wishing our climbers the best!

Full Bodyweight Workout #1:

  1. 100 Squats

  2. 100 Shoulder Taps

  3. 100 Squat Jumps

  4. 100 Mountain Climbers

Molly’s Time: 6 minutes and 40 seconds

Full Bodyweight Workout #2: 

4 Rounds

  1. 30 Alternating Lunges

  2. 15 Plank Up-Downs

  3. 15 Burpees

  4. 30 Crab Toe Touches

Molly’s Time: 7 minutes and 10 seconds

Want an extra challenge!? Time yourself to see how fast you can do these workouts. Post a video on Facebook or Instagram with your fastest time and tag Sportrock or find these videos on our social media and post your fastest time in the comments!

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