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The Sportrock Performance Institute is developing innovative technical assessments to help climbers understand their movement on the wall. We analyze, evaluate, and make recommendations for each individual’s style of movement during climbing in each assessment. Detailed assessments and coaching will help climbers to optimize their climbing. You have the option of either requesting the Climber Technical Effectiveness Assessment (CTEA) or the Climber Efficiency Assessment (CEA).


Technical Assessments

A Technical Performance Assessment designed to assess 35 technical components of climbing.  Over the course of about two hours, you’ll work with a highly knowledgeable performance fellow or the director of the training center to assess your strengths and weaknesses with respect to climbing technique and movement patterns.  You’ll learn how you rate in terms of effectiveness, as well as your movement preferences and disinclinations. 

What you’ll receive:

  • a report of your assessment, training recommendations, and a learning experience about many of the most important techniques in climbing.

  • $180 / Session with a Performance Fellow or $230 / Session with the Director

  • This assessment is a full, focused evaluation and can either be used in isolation or as paired with private instruction, Sportrock classes, and SRPI Training plans (coming soon) which are oriented toward training your strengths and weaknesses.

Climber Forces & Energy Systems Assessments

Have you ever found yourself wondering how strong your fingers and arms are? How fast you can pull and how fast you can grab? When your failure point is and how to train it? The SRPI houses cutting-edge assessment technology and methods to answer all of those questions. Additionally, we’ll help you visualize and interpret your assessment in a way that makes it practical to use. To access this assessment, request the Climber Force Assessment (CFA).


Take your performance to the next level

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