Party FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Who needs to complete a Participant Agreement?

Everyone! Both climbers and spectators will need to have a Participant Agreement on file with Sportrock. This does not include parents simply dropping off children, just those that plan to stay during the party. If you have been to Sportrock since July of 2013 you will most likely have a Participant Agreement on file – feel free to call to confirm.

How can we complete the Participant Agreement?

Our Participant Agreement is available online here. After it is completed, you will receive a confirmation email that needs to be accepted in order for the Agreement to be sent to Sportrock. We recommend including this link in your party invitations. We do not accept phone calls, faxes or verbal permission in lieu of the Agreement. If party participants are under 18 years of age they will need a parent or legal guardian to complete the form. Agreements can also be completed at our iPad station in the gym, but we strongly encourage getting all Agreements signed prior to your party date – it will make your check in process go much smoother!

Are there any limitations on the number of participants?

We do require a minimum of 5 participants for a Sportrock climbing party. The online registration is limited to a maximum of 20 participants, however we can handle larger groups if required. Due to the additional staffing requirements you will need to contact us to schedule a climbing party with more than 20 participants.

When I registered I estimated the number of party participants, what if that number changes?

In order for us to accurately staff your party we need to know a headcount of people climbing at least 3 days prior to your event. You will receive an email from one of our staff members requesting an updated headcount during the week before your party. If we do not hear from you, we will base our staff on the number of people you listed on your initial registration. Additional staff cannot be provided without proper notice of at least 3 days.

When do we pay our remaining balance?

The final balance for your party is due on the day of your event. We DO NOT store credit card numbers from your deposit so you will need to pay at the front counter before you depart. You can make your payment using cash, credit (Visa, MC, Discover), check or gift card. You will only pay for the participants who actually climb with 5 being the minimum. If you have less than 5 participants, you will still need to pay for the minimum. You will be charged $30 per climber, along with any pizza, and your deposit will be credited to your final balance.

What should we wear?

Anyone planning to climb should wear comfortable, athletic clothing that will not restrict movement. The gym is climate controlled (69 degrees) but it can be chilly until we get everyone moving so layers are suggested. Closed toe shoes that tie are best. Anyone wearing slip on shoes; flip flops, snow boots, uggs etc. will be required to rent a pair of our climbing shoes for $6/pair. Helmets are required and provided by Sportrock, but you are welcome to bring your own.

When should we arrive for our party?

We recommend arriving 10 minutes prior to your party start time. This will give our staff the opportunity to confirm Participant Agreements and get everyone suited up in the proper gear. Parties are scheduled back to back so you cannot access your party area until 10 minutes prior to your start time.

Where can we park?

Both Sportrock locations offer free parking every day! Sportrock Alexandria also has access to additional parking lots during certain hours, as well as being Metro accessible. Check out their parking map for more details!

How much time will we climb?

Your group will climb for the first 1.5 hours during your time slot, so for example if you book a 11am party you will climb from 11am-12:30pm. You will then have use of our party area for an additional 45 minutes.

What if we don't want to use the party area?

The cost of your party is based on the climbing experience only, the party room is simply an added benefit. If you would prefer to have more climbing time, let us know in advance and we can extend your climbing by 30 minutes for an additional $5 per person.

What does Sportrock provide for our party?

We provide trained instructors at a 1:5 ratio, harness and helmet for each participant, a designated party area and awesome climbing walls. We do not provide table cloths, utensils, plates/cups/napkins, decorations or food (though we can help you place a pizza order!).

I see you offer Party Bottles for an additional charge, what's included?

Want to make your party extra special? Consider adding a Sportrock Party Bottle for each participant! Bottles retail at $5 each and include a water bottle, magnet, key chain, wrist band and carabiner. Just pay the deposit when you book your party and you can request a specific number of Party Bottles when you receive a confirmation email the week of your party.

We would like to have food at our party, is that allowed?

Yes! You are welcome to bring your own food and drink (no alcohol) or make arrangements for food delivery. Alexandria Only: We are happy to place a pizza order on your behalf. Simply tell the staff at the front counter when you arrive for your event and they will put an order in for you. Staff will bring it back when the climbing is finishing up and you can pay at the end when you settle up your balance.

I'm belay certified at Sportrock, can I belay for the party too?

Though we think it’s awesome you have your certification at Sportrock, we cannot allow anyone other than staff to belay during any Sportrock program. This is an insurance requirement.

Will we get to boulder too?

The climbing on the shorter walls without ropes is referred to as “bouldering”. The participants in your event will be climbing on the taller walls with ropes only. For everyone’s safety, please keep them off the Bouldering areas at all times.

Our instructors were awesome! Can we tip?

Gratuity for our programs is never expected, but always appreciated. If you feel your instructors went above and beyond and wish to thank them, we appreciate anything you wish to give. As a reminder we can only accept cash tips for our instructors.

A special note to parents – please remember, our staff is here to ensure that each child has an awesome climbing experience. Since our instructors will be focused on the technical climbing aspects of the day, we are relying on you to help manage the participants' behavior. We are a training facility open to the general public so it is important that we take everyone’s experience into consideration. Here are a few important reminders:

  • Children should remain with the instructor or at your party table at all times

  • Children are not allowed in the bouldering or fitness areas.

  • No running, screaming, or horseplay.